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How Much You Should Be Tipping Your Boat Captain

How Much You Should Be Tipping Your Boat Captain

GAROT WEB 36 | Aquarius Boat Tours

Boat Tours Miami, Boating Miami – Experiences, Miami Boat Tours – Boats for Rent with a captain, Boat Tours in Miami – Updates

Charter a Boat With a Captain in Miami And Discover the Bay in Style

Renting a boat is a great idea if you want to enjoy some quality outdoor time, no matter if you are cruising, snorkeling, or simply sunbathing while you sail around with your boat charter in Miami. The warm wind, the sense of freedom, and creating lifetime memories with your loved ones can easily be achieved by a sailboat rental vacation all on its own, whether it’s as short as a 2-hour boat ride or an entire island-hopping day. But there are always some secret gems, hidden places, or simply familiarities with the area that allow you to maximize your experience on the boat. That is where a boat captain comes in.  Here is a proper introduction to the value of having a boat captain on board and what is customary tipping for a charter boat captain.

Renting a Boat with a Captain in Miami

Miami locals and tourists can benefit from renting a boat with a captain in Miami, and of course, the more guests there are the more important it is to be on a guided boat tour. Aquarius Boat Tours encourages you to seek a professional captain on all boating outings like hosting a boat party, sightseeing, or even for a wedding proposal. We are here talking about professional and licensed captains, and it’s important to make that distinction because it’s not always the case in Miami. Every boat owner can be viewed as a captain of his boat, but not all have the actual license issued by the US Coast Guards to be one. You can find out here whether it’s legal to drive a boat without a special captain license or not.

In 2020, for the safety of its clients and its boats, Aquarius decided that we won’t rent boats without a captain onboard anymore. Miami Bay is particularly dangerous.

What are the Responsibilities of a Boat Captain

The duties of a captain are to make sure to keep everyone safe. Boat charter captains are trained to maneuver the boat with strong currents and tricky areas, to follow all the safety rules, and to monitor the weather and safety reports to make sure the boat ride goes smoothly. Combine that with their knowledge of how to deal with all marine wildlife and operate safely at anchor along with first aid training and much more, to picture that having a captain on board is definitely something you should think about.

Meet Local Captains

But there is more. When you book a charter boat with a captain, the captain’s skills also include knowing the best places for sandbar partying, snorkeling, and dockside dining. Also, if asked, most can share a thrilling story or two to have insight on Miami history. Captains at Aquarius are locals (usually born and raised in Miami)  and real boat enthusiasts who will make you discover the best spots on the Bay.

So to give you a general idea, the duties of a boat charter captain are to make sure the boat ride goes as safe as possible through the combination of safety protocols, understanding of the local weather, knowledge of the area… Captains also supervise passengers as they embark and disembark from the boat.

Why You Should Tip Your Boat Captain

First things first, a tip is not mandatory. It’s always greatly appreciated but there is no obligation to tip your captain. A tip is a reward from the guest to the boat captain that usually reflects an appreciation for the level of service.

How Much You Should Be Tipping Your Boat Captain? The tipping etiquette can vary going from 5-20%, but there is a based line. The tip is given to the captain, in cash, Venmo, Zelle or CashApp, typically at the end of the trip but some clients prefer giving the tip at the beginning of the trip. In high season in Miami, and they have to work 6 days a week. Even when the captain owns the boat, most of the money goes to the maintenance of the boat and the expenses of owning a business.

Furthermore, as explained above, the tip is a good idea to show appreciation of the quality of service. Tipping Your Boat Captain depends on the quality of service you receive. Even inexperienced people can tell an average service from a really good one. People at Aquarius are devoted to ensuring their customers get the best possible service. Discover Aquarius’ Team here.

Boat Captain Tipping Etiquette

It is good to look into tipping customs in the specific country where you rent a boat with a captain. Also, while asking the crew members on tipping etiquette may create awkward situations, discussing it with the captain is perfectly fine. In fact, it is always a good idea to double-check the plan and expenses with the captain before the trip. And yes, it is a good opportunity to discuss the proper tipping etiquette. Usually, if the service was fine, people leave 5-10% of the whole price as a tip, but the more effort they put in and the better quality of service, the appropriate tip can go as high as 20%.

The Value Of Having A Boat Captain

Whether you rent a boat with a captain or just hire a captain, you will have a professional who can keep an eye on everyone and everything, help things run smoothly, and let you focus on the stuff that matters to you. Even a small crew can go a long way in making the best of your leisure cruise that can include snorkeling, fishing of even sandbar partying. And the extra cost is well worth it. Tipping, on the other hand, when done properly, is taken as a sign of your appreciation of the effort the captain and the crew took to make you enjoy your time together.

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Boating in Miami, Florida

BOATING IN MIAMI: Best day ever with Aquarius Boat Rental

Boating in Miami: spectacular nature and boaters dream

The Best Boating in Biscayne Bay Miami!

Experience a day boating in Miami with Aquarius Boat Tours. With its islands in Biscayne Bay to the north (beside Oleta River) and south (around Key Biscayne). To the north, you can aim for the beaches north of Sandspur Island (desert island) and the Haulover Sandbar just next door, where Miamians come by boat to party on the weekends.

To the south, around Key Biscayne, there is also a lot of boat and jet ski activity, especially around the beaches of Virginia Key, or to the “Nixon Sandbar” (southwest of Key Biscayne) where many boats also come to party on the weekends. Even further south (at Homestead level), you enter Biscayne National Park, i.e. the first of the Keys Islands, totally natural, with Boca Chita and its pretty lighthouse, very beautiful place), Sands Key then the long Elliot Key and its dozens of beaches. Biscayne National Park has a marina in Homestead – it’s less of a commute.

Experience the Best Boating in Miami

At Aquarius Boat Tours & Rental, enjoy your boating day with all the fun and safety you deserve. We are fully insured, licensed and we love what we do. We bring you to the best boating spots, show you the best islands and, the best skylines. We have a “nice-people-only” policy and we make sure to deliver a 5-star service to our beloved clientele. So if you are nice, and you want to have some fun on a boat in Miami, give us a call: 786 799 1150 or book your boating experience online!

The Best Boating in Miami, Florida!

If you are looking to have fun, start boating in Miami today! Aquarius Boat Tours offers private tours of Miami by boat.

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Experience Miami and Go Boating

Want to go Boating in Boat Rental Miami, FL?

Want to Go Boating in Miami?

Experience Miami and Go Boating!

Boat Tours Miami, Boating Miami – Experiences, Miami Boat Tours – Boats for Rent with a captain, Boat Tours in Miami – Updates

Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental offers the best boat tours in Miami.

The best party boats and cruises in Miami! Boat tour customers get to enjoy boating on our new and beautiful boats.

We welcome everyone! Boat parties, 2-hour cruise, 4-hour cruise, private boat tours, sandbar cruises, we have something for everybody.

Unmatched Miami Tour Agency! Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental allows up to 6 passengers per boat with no additional costs. Gas and captained are to be paid separately but all fees are ALWAYS disclosed upfront. Don’t have any bad surprises with your Boat tour!

Relax and spend the day boating on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida! Boat tours are available every day and are easy to book.

Rent a boat from Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental. South Florida’s most convenient boat tour agency in Miami. Learn how to drive a boat, bring your captain or choose from our list, sight-see, and explore Miami from your unforgettable boat tour! Private cruise in Biscayne Bay boating with our boat tours. Miami skyline to admire as you ride on our boats. Go boating and discover Miami’s marine wildlife. Your perfect private boat tour along the coastline or boating to Islands in Biscayne Bay. Explore sandbars and anchor there with our complimentary floating mat and other water toys in Biscayne Bay.

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Spend the day on Boat Tours in Biscayne Bay, Miami

Spend the day on Boat Tours in Biscayne Bay, Miami

Boat Tours in Biscayne Bay, Miami

Spend the day on Boat Tours in Biscayne Bay, Miami

Boat Tours Miami, Boating Miami – Experiences, Miami Boat Tours – Boats for Rent with a captain, Boat Tours in Miami – Updates

Gather your loved ones and have an Amazing Day Boating on Best Boat Tours in Biscayne Bay. Rent from the best boat rentals Miami has to offer! Book boats for rent with a captain easily online and feel good knowing you will get new boats with lots of comfortable seating and shade. Whether you are visiting or you actually live in Miami, your perfect getaway is waiting. The ultimate activity to do in Miami: have a fantastic boat tour in Miami.

Relax and spend the day boating on Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida!

Boat tours are available every day. Daily Rentals of Miami Boats.

Book your private boat tours in Miami online or over the phone any day of the week! We are open 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm.

Boats are available to rent and we also provide boating lessons if you want to learn how to drive a boat. Our famous Miami boat tours come with a 12-foot floating mat, Bluetooth, top-of-the-line speakers, plenty of seating, and shades to keep up to 6 passengers comfortable during your boat tours.

Book a Private Boat Tour. Looking where to get the best boat tours Miami offers? Look no further… Aquarius Boat Rental offers affordable, new 20-feet boats for rent in Miami, FL with a captain.

All boat tours in Miami with Aquarius Boat Rental are easy to book, convenient, and our staff has the reputation to be one of the nicest in Miami. Book today and experience boat tours in Biscayne Bay today!

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Best Boat Tours in Miami

The Best Boat Tours in Miami, FL

Best Boat Tours in Miami

Boat Tours Miami, Boating Miami – Experiences, Miami Boat Tours – Boats for Rent with a captain, Boat Tours in Miami – Updates

Biscayne Bay is calling! Time to go Boating on the best Boat Tours in Miami! Contact and book boat tours at Aquarius Boat Tours and Rentals. Booking is made easy for clients to rent a boat. Hop on board one of our amazing boats, relax and have fun. We have a well-seasoned team of boating experts and captains to choose from. We carefully maintain our boats so they always look spotless for our clients.

Entirely sanitized for Covid-19, we take great care of the maintenance and cleaning of our boats for your complete satisfaction.

To book a boat tour in Miami visit Aquarius Boat Rental online or call 786-799-1199. We are available to answer any questions you have about Boating in Miami. We designed the best boat tours in town! Aquarius Boat Rental offers the best boating and boat tours in Miami, Florida! Looking for the best activity in Miami? Get on a private boat tour! Call Aquarius Boat Rental to get Miami boat tours. Award-winning and Top-Rated boat tours are available every day of the week!

Book only from the best boat tour agency in Miami. Organize your boat party, bachelor, and bachelorette party! We can bring you to the sandbars, the best islands in the Bay, Stittsville, and many more Miami gems.

Aquarius Boat Rental is proud to be the best boat tour agency in Miami!

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Celebrity Home Tours in Miami, FL | Aquarius Boat Tours

Visit Miami by sea: the “Millionaires cruise”

Visit Miami by Sea with Aquarius Boat Tours

Visit Miami by Sea and Experience the Millionaire Cruise!

In Miami, the only way to visit the coast and the most luxurious islands is by boat. Journey with Aquarius Boat Tours and visit Miami by sea. Indeed, not only are some beaches completely private, but several islands are inaccessible if you do not own them. So either you buy a multi-million dollar house … or you can come with us to do the “Millionaires Cruise” (and it’s a lot cheaper!).

The boat tour departure is from “Downtown Miami“, the center of the Magic City, and will allow you to discover Biscayne Bay: Star Island, Palm Island, Hibiscus Island, to see the port of Miami with its gigantic liners lined up one behind the others, all with a breathtaking view of the skyline of Miami skyscrapers.

Explore and cruise sightseeing the residences scenery on one of our celebrity home tours, touring, each more beautiful than the next, those of hundreds of millionaires who have managed to remain unknown, and then those who are less so: Puff Daddy, Usher, Julio Iglesias, Shaquille O’Neal, Gloria Estefan, Oprah Winfrey, or the late Edith Piaf and Al Capone (although he is a little less regretted). And if you are lucky, while you visit Miami by sea, you will be accompanied along the journey by dolphins, sea rays and manatees!

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2f25c44bd8000d8fdce5735ef4b7af53 | Aquarius Boat Tours

Coronavirus, impact on worldwide tourism and the blossom of the boating industry

Coronavirus, impact on worldwide tourism and the blossom of the boating industry

Coronavirus, impact on worldwide tourism...

From Ibiza to Miami, the summer promises to be disastrous for major tourist destinations, hit by the coronavirus pandemic which continues its deadly course, particularly on the American continent. Australia as well imposes new restrictions every day, as in Melbourne, now under curfew and strict lockdown again.

After weeks of containment in the spring, which seemed to have reduced the epidemic, the world is now trying to protect itself against a second wave with disastrous economic consequences.

But the World Health Organization (WHO) warned Saturday that the Covid-19 pandemic, which has killed at least 685,780 people worldwide, is likely to be “very long”.

Yesterday, Latin America and the Caribbean, the second most affected region of the world, crossed a new symbolic threshold and counted more than 200,212 deaths, behind Europe (210,487 deaths).

The United States remains the most affected country in terms of both deaths and cases, with 154,449 deaths for 4,620,502 recorded cases, ahead of Brazil with 93,563 deaths for 2,707,877 cases, Mexico with 47,472 deaths (434,193 cases), the United Kingdom with 46,193 deaths (303,952 cases), and India with 37,364 deaths (1,750,723 cases). In Africa, the most affected country on the continent, South Africa, surpassed the 500,000 case mark on Saturday.

Ghost Towns

The pandemic, which is plunging the world economy into an unprecedented recession, is particularly affecting tourism, whose losses are already estimated at $320 billion for the first part of the year, according to the World Tourism Organization.

So Montreal, which usually attracts about 11 million tourists a year, 80% of whom come from outside Quebec, is looking like a “ghost town” this summer. Deprived of foreign visitors, its Formula 1 Grand Prix, or its world-famous festivals, the Quebec metropolis is trying to reinvent itself to save the summer, but the damage is already considerable.

With half of the approximately 9,000 Covid-19 fatalities in Canada, Montreal and its suburbs have been hard hit.

As a result, all major cultural events, which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every summer, such as the jazz festivals and the FrancoFolies, the largest of their kind in the world, were canceled.

Miami is no better. According to the Miami Herald, tourism in Florida fell 10.7 percent in the first quarter of 2020 from the same period a year earlier, and that estimate may be optimistic. 31.95 million people visited the state during the first three months of the year. That compares to 35.79 million visitors during the first quarter in 2019.

In the United States, restaurants are on the front line. “We were the first industry to close and we’ll be the last to recover,” says Sean Kennedy, the association’s vice president of public relations. “We won’t get back on our feet until the airlines are back, the hotels are back, and tourism is back,” he insists. According to Yelp, as of July 10, more than 26,000 restaurants had closed across the country, 60 percent of which (15,770) had closed permanently.

The Unexpected surprise

However, an unpredictable positive side effect of the pandemic is the crazy and amazing demand for boats.

Boat dealerships in Florida and nationwide are out of inventory. Whether it’s used or new inventory, everything is gone. In a matter of weeks, being a boat has become like getting a last-minute table at a fancy restaurant in NYC!

Boat sales are actually booming because Covid-19 has deprived the public of its summer vacation and boating is the perfect activity to maintain social distancing.

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, 70 percent of boating dealers had an increase in sales in May, the strongest number recorded since July 2018.

Fox Business states that Google searches for other water-related products like paddleboards, life vests, kayaks, and wakeboards have increased 70 to 100 percent.

People staying home are investing in a personal watercraft or a new boat according to Fortune.

The boat rental business is suffering from the lack of tourists but benefits from amazing popularity during the weekends’ thanks to the locals eager to get out of their confined spaces and enjoy a safe outside activity.

Aquarius Boat Rental is proud to welcome you aboard and promise the boats will be sanitized before and after each client. The Covid-19 restrictions are respected onboard our vessels and masks are mandatory at the marina and during the instructions. Reserve your boating experience today!

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Renting a Boat in Miami with Captain

6 Tips for Renting a Boat in Miami (or anywhere else)

Best Tips for Renting a Boat in Miami

Type of boat, equipment on board, safety equipment, insurance… Renting a boat is particularly enjoyable when you want to sail away, explore wild creeks or get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists. If you are looking at renting a boat in Miami, it’s better to know a few tricks before you set off. Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental, a Miami boat tour and boat rental specialist, is happy to share with you 6 tips for a safe and relaxing boat rental experience.

Best Tips for Renting a Boat in Miami

1. Book your boat rental at the best price on the internet

Today, renting a boat is much more accessible and affordable than it was in the past. Just like booking a flight, a hotel room, or an activity, there are many platforms today where you can find your happiness among a large number of different boats, all over the world. These platforms also offer you the possibility of filtering your search according to your preferences: number of people, berths or cabins, length of the boat, price, year of construction, radius to cover…

All you have to do is choose the offer that best meets your expectations. Aquarius Boat Rental has studied its market and is proud to provide the best prices for the 20-foot bareboat rental category. Gas is included with Aquarius Boat Rental unlike most of the other boat rental companies that will charge you a huge amount at the end of your rental.

2. The choice of the type of boat you want to rent

While most boat charter companies offer a wide variety of boats: sailboat, catamaran, motorboat, semi-rigid boat… It is important, before jumping into your reservation, to study your needs in order to select the one that will be best suited to your sea excursion. To help you in this process, start by asking yourself:

  • How many would you be on board?
  • Do you have a boating license?
  • What is your budget?
  • What route are you planning to take?
  • What activity would you like to do (sailing, fishing, chilling, towed buoy, wakeboarding)?
  • Where would you like to sail (sea, river, lake, Intracoastal)?
  • How long do you plan to rent for?
  • What level of comfort do you need?

These questions will help you select the ideal boat rental for your next trip.

3. Pay attention to the on-board equipment

Before boarding, your boat must be equipped with mandatory safety equipment: life jackets, lighting devices, throwable, fire extinguisher, emergency number, navigation chart, first aid kit… This equipment may vary depending on the activity you wish to practice. In any case, don’t take any risk by making sure that nothing is missing before fully renting a boat and boarding.

4. The Bareboat Rental contract

That’s it, you’re almost there, you can already feel the sea air caressing your face… But be careful though, because even if the excitement of the departure can overwhelm your mind, you must keep a cool head during this stage and remember to LOOK CAREFULLY at your rental contract to avoid a few mistakes.

Good boat rental companies will send you the contract and waiver ahead of your booking so you have time to review it. Pay attention to the confirmation email you receive when you make your reservation and you will probably have a link to sign the contracts electronically.

Here are a few things to look for when renting a boat:

  • Cancellation conditions: remember to inspect this section of the contract to make sure you can reasonably cancel your rental if you are unable to make it, and avoid the penalties.
  • Additional costs: cleaning, fuel, late return… All these elements of your contract are not to be taken lightly if you do not wish to see undesirable costs added to the final bill.
  • The deposit: keep in mind that, most of the time, a fairly high deposit will be required before your departure. This is a way for rental companies to protect themselves against potential damage during the rental period.

5. Insurance

Loss, theft, civil liability, collision… Don’t let embarrassment spoil your sea excursion. For this reason, different insurances can be proposed to you when you rent a boat. Remember to read your contract, as sometimes insurance may already have been taken out by the boat rental company, then check the extent of the cover offered so that you can sail with complete peace of mind. Some boat rental companies in Miami operate without proper insurance, it could be very disastrous if anything happens.

6. Other things to know before departure

Finally, we have compiled some final practical advice to maximize your chances of becoming a true expert in boat hire in Miami, but also and above all to make the most of your next holiday at sea.

  • Inspect your rental boat: before and after returning the boat, remember to take photos and report any suspicious elements.
  • Weather conditions are one of the elements not to be neglected! Very detailed marine weather reports are available to avoid unnecessary risks. Also, remember to take note of the wind direction and strength for your outward and return trips.
  • If for you, renting a boat rhymes with tranquility and serenity, avoid the months of March and April, which are prone to tourist agitation and spring breaks, and prefer the months of May (except Memorial Day weekend), June, September, and October, which are much less crowded. The best months to sail in Miami are from November to February, the weather is amazing and the spring breakers are not here yet.

You are ready! Start Renting a Boat in Miami!

Next step, learn how to dock a boat thanks to our article about the best tips to dock a boat.

#Navigationtips #Boatclub #MiamiBoatRental #RentaBoatinMiami #BestBoatRentalMiami

#RentaBoatinSouthBeach #SouthBeachBoatRental #MiamiBeachBoatRental

#BoatRental #BoatTourMiami #HowToRentABoatInMiami #MiamiBoat

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The Best Tips for Docking a Boat, Miami

Access to a berth in the harbor can be achieved by going forward, backward, or by making a slot. This is called a docking manoeuvre.

08646e0f028c44f0b3e1d2df01088d28 | Aquarius Boat Tours

A boat does not turn when stopped and does not brake like a car. Depending on the type of boat, engine maneuvering is more or less complex.

Aquarius Boat Rental, the best boat rental company in Miami is proud to explain you today, how to safely dock a boat. In navigation, docking is a technique that must be mastered. Often the conditions are not ideal for this operation; for instance, you don’t know the location of the marina, you have rented a boat during the holidays, or you return to your place with rough weather conditions.

In any case, you must dock without damaging the boat.

Through these tips you will learn that the way you dock your boat highly depends on the type of boat you are piloting.

Most likely when you are renting a boat, it will be an inboard, inboard/outboard or an outboard. Sometimes, like with Aquarius Boat Rental you will have another drive type: the jet drive. Very smooth but a bit harder to dock. Thankfully, Aquarius Boat Rental Miami has equipped its Jet boat with a Cobra Jet Steering upgrade so the boat is very easy to maneuver.

Learn more about the different drive types for boats here.

But let’s get back to our docking:

05808e cd1b7c92bb2a4e278507746c765c3932 mv2 | Aquarius Boat Tours

OutboardSailing BoatInboard

In all cases, a moderate arrival speed should be adopted and the manoeuvre should be completed over inertia.


You must check the wind direction(s) and its strength, and the same goes for the current. Next, observe the entry and exit of boats from all over the marina, and nearby breakdowns.Sailing boats can be easily spotted with their masts, motor boats can appear at any moment.

05808e c411e22c6bd042839a2eae52b2fe6409 mv2 | Aquarius Boat Tours
05808e 2a315d93173e46c8a888e97e9962024c mv2 | Aquarius Boat Tours

Step 1: The slow approach to the centre of the desired square

When you approach the space on the dock where you wish to moor, you first assess the wind and current. If the wind and current are pushing you towards the pontoon, a small angle helps you stay in control and not hit the dock with the bow of the boat.

If the wind and current tend to push you away from the dock, you will need a faster approach to maintain sufficient speed. You start with an angle of 30 to 45°. Steer your course toward the center of your landing area.

Step 2: Starboard rudder, forward engine

When your bow is close to the pontoon, half a boat’s length away, you turn the rudder to starboard (away from the dock). This is where getting to know your boat becomes important, especially when it comes to pivots. If you turn too early, you will not be parallel to the dock. Once the rudder is turned, you accelerate the engine for a moment to give the boat a boost. This also allows you to move the front of the dock away from the dock (to starboard) so that you don’t touch it.

Step 3: Port rudder, stern engine

As the boat slides towards the pontoon, you turn the rudder to port and reverse the engine (on twin engines, you use the engine furthest from the pontoon for maximum effect). This reduces your speed and brings the stern of the boat closer to the dock on the port side. When the boat has stopped moving, you put it in neutral. You tie your boat to the pontoon.

05808e 76a9be0e90f0460a82b80f29cfce847f mv2 | Aquarius Boat Tours

If you have little space between two other boats, you present the bow on the pontoon in the middle of the square at an angle of 30°. A crew member puts bumpers on the bow while you hold the bow along the dock and the crew member disembarks with a mooring line which, attached to a cleat at the front of the boat, is attached to the pontoon cleat at the middle of the boat. You make a slow forward step. The bow guard turns the stern towards the pontoon, you put the stern guard in place to prevent him from moving away from the pontoon afterwards the two spikes.


  1. Stay focused.
  2. Be prepared to reduce or cut the throttle if the boat is moving too fast or to re-apply the throttle if the boat is no longer manoeuvrable (sailboat and inboard).
  3. Keep a close eye on the movements of other boats to possibly put the manoeuvre on standby and make circles in the meantime, or give a clear indication of the new direction if there is a risk of collision.
  4. Always keep an eye on other people on board.

With all these tips, you are ready to safely dock your boat!

Remember when you are renting a boat in Miami to always proceed with caution and if you are scared, feel free to consult our article about the best tips when renting a boat in Miami.

#Navigationtips #Boatclub #MiamiBoatRental #RentaBoatinMiami #BestBoatRentalMiami

#RentaBoatinSouthBeach #SouthBeachBoatRental #MiamiBeachBoatRental

#BoatRental #BoatTourMiami #HowToRentABoatInMiami

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05808e 2add15e755b345f0a22ed6dab262121d mv2 | Aquarius Boat Tours

What is the best boat rental company in Miami? – Miami, FL

Find the best boat rental company in Miami

The boat rental market in Miami is highly competitive, therefore it can be hectic to navigate through all these offers and understand how to make the most for your buck.

What is the best boat rental company in Miami?

First things first, when you are browsing for the best boat rental company in Miami, you have to consider different parameters:

1- Is the gas included?

2- Are there any hidden fees?

3- Is the company legit and insured?

4- How big is the boat? And what size am I comfortable driving?

5- How many people are allowed on board?

6- Is the experience private?

7- What are the add-ons and does it come with a captain?

We have studied the competition, visited many places and here are in our opinion the three best boat rentals you can decide to place your faith in.


Coconut Grove now Miami Beach

The customer service is good and the location is great. The company has a large variety of boats to rent from 18 to 28 ft.

They offer deals on Groupon and have positive reviews on Trip Advisor.

They also provide Yacht Rental and seem to be very acknowledgeable.



Aquajet Miami was the first company to introduce the jetpack and the flyboard in Miami. Always at the cutting-edge, Aquajet Miami has well-evolved and now offers boat tours and boat parties on their giant pontoon boat.

Prices are great and the staff delivers five-star customer service. Their boat tours are well-designed and provided by a nice team of people who really love what they are doing.

Plus, there are no hidden fees and everything is pretty upfront.

Bonus: they offer one of the most thrilling experiences you can have: Flyboarding! Give it a try before you leave Miami!



Aquarius Boat Rental Miami is definitely the best boat rental company in Miami. Aquarius Boat Rental is a rising star company for boat rental in Miami.

All their rentals include gas so you don’t have to worry about going to the pump at the end of your boat day in Miami.

You will never have bad surprises when renting a boat with Aquarius Boat Rental Miami. As a matter of fact, everything is explained upfront and disclosed in their contract. Aquarius Boat Rental Miami offers only private experiences so you can enjoy your boat day with your loved ones only.

Their prices are very low and it makes the whole experience super affordable. Aquarius Boat Rental Miami even offers boat memberships and boat clubs. It’s like owning a boat with no inconvenience! The company offers different pickup locations so you don’t have to drive all around the city. Plus they can pick you up from your designated private dock.

Finally, their boats are in outstanding condition and the team is very friendly. They always recommend good spots to anchor and party. This company is really to consider if you are looking for a boat to rent in Miami for the day or per hour.

Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental Miami enjoy sharing their knowledge and the best tips to rent a boat in Miami.

They are currently open for business but only bareboat rental avid Covid-19.

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In Summary, when you are trying to figure out what is the best boat rental company in Miami, the answer is easy! Contact Aquarius Boat Tours and Rentals for the best worry-free tours and rentals with a captain in Miami, Florida.

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