Boat Charter Miami

Explore Miami Waters with Our Boat Charters

Imagine the gentle lapping of waves against the hull, a soft breeze caressing your face, and the sultry Miami sun setting on the horizon. This isn’t just a scene from a dream; it’s an everyday reality with our Miami boat charters. At Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, we’re in the business of turning maritime fantasies into cherished memories. Picture this: you step aboard one of our exquisite yachts, the scent of sea salt in the air, and immediately, you’re the captain of your own boat rental adventure.

We’ve seen the joy that spreads across our guests’ faces as they set sail from the marina at 5225 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, ready to experience the exhilaration of the open water. Whether it’s families seeking a special getaway or adventurers craving the thrill of the ocean, each voyage with us is designed to deliver pure bliss. So cast off the bowlines, broaden your horizons, and immerse yourself in the allure of yacht rental Miami style – where the skyline is your backdrop, and luxury is your companion.

Key Takeaways

  • Premium Miami boat charters ensure a unique on-water experience.
  • Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours offers luxury boats and yachts for any occasion.
  • Easy booking process available online for your convenience.
  • Operational seven days a week to fit your schedule perfectly.
  • Located in the heart of Miami Beach, ready to set sail when you are.
  • Expertly crafted tours for a memorable journey along Miami’s scenic routes.

Discover the Best of Miami on a Sightseeing Boat Tour

Welcome aboard as we take you on a journey through the Venetian-like canals of Miami, showcasing the best of the city’s luxurious waterfront lifestyle. Our sightseeing boat tours Miami are carefully curated to offer an unrivaled perspective of the city’s opulence and beauty. From the comfort of our boats, you’ll be treated to an experience that combines glamour, history, and stunning scenery.

As we glide across the crystal-clear waters of Biscayne Bay, your eyes will be drawn to the shorelines, dotted with palatial residences that define the millionaire homes tour. Our captains, well-versed in the tales of Miami’s elite, will share stories of the magnates who lay claim to these exquisite waterfront estates.

Marvel at Millionaire Homes and Fisher Island Views

  • Behold the architectural grandeur of Miami’s most affluent neighborhoods.
  • Capture snapshots of the famed estates sprawled along the water’s edge.
  • Witness the allure of Fisher Island, accessible only by boat or helicopter.

Gaze upon Fisher Island, a lush enclave of privacy and prestige, and discover why this is one of the city’s most coveted addresses. See the lavish abodes and exclusive shores that make these locales a necessity to explore for those intrigued by the lavishness of Miami life.

Experience the Splendor of Miami Skyline from the Water

  • Soak up panoramic views of the iconic Miami skyline cruise.
  • Enjoy the radiant Miami sun setting against the skyscrapers.
  • Relish the city lights beginning to twinkle as dusk falls over the bay.

Our tour concludes with a picturesque voyage back to the city, where the skyline stands as a testament to Miami’s status as a world-renowned metropolis. This sightseeing experience is not merely a tour; it’s an opportunity to create invaluable memories in the very heart of Miami. Join us and uncover the city’s hidden gems with unrivaled views that only the water can provide.

Why Choose Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours for Your Miami Adventure

When you’re planning an oceanic excursion in Miami, the vast sea of options can be overwhelming. Yet, when it comes to selecting the pinnacle of seafaring sophistication and enjoyment, Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours consistently leads the fleet. Allow us to embark on a brief voyage through the reasons why our service is the beacon of luxury and expertise on Miami’s shimmering waters.

Enjoy Five-Star Service and Luxurious Amenities

With Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, you step into a world where excellence in service meets the grandeur of the sea. Our commitment to a Five-Star boat service in Miami is evident in every aspect of our offerings—from the warm welcome aboard to the personalized attention each guest receives. Every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure that your boating adventure is nothing short of stellar.

Our vessels boast luxurious boat amenities designed to pamper and please. Set sail amidst plush seating, state-of-the-art sound systems, and refreshments that cater to the most refined tastes. As the sun glistens on the horizon, you’ll relish in the opulence that defines the Aquarius experience.

Expert Tour Guides to Enhance Your Sightseeing Experience

No journey is complete without the insights and stories that bring destinations to life, and our expert tour guides in Miami are the custodians of the city’s rich tapestry of history and culture. Their narratives are as captivating as the vistas that unfold before you, turning each tour into an immersive experience that resonates long after you’ve disembarked.

Come aboard and let us guide you on an enchanting tour where every horizon is filled with discovery, and every moment on deck is infused with excellence. Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours await your company on this splendid Miami escapade. Your adventure with us will surely be etched as a precious memory, as dazzling as the Miami coast itself.

Boat Charter Miami: The Ultimate Way to Experience the City

At Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, we believe that the spirit of Miami comes alive on the water. That is why we offer an array of boat charter Miami options that promise an ultimate city experience. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of adventure or the tranquility of the sea, our private boat tours Miami cater to every whim and desire. Step aboard and let us show you Miami like you’ve never seen it before.

Biscayne Bay Tours

Imagine cruising through the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay, the Miami skyline painting a stunning backdrop as you navigate through the city’s waterways. Our charters are not just about transportation; they’re about creating moments and memories that last a lifetime. It’s more than a way to see Miami—it’s the way to feel the heartbeat of this vibrant city.

  • Breathtaking views of the Miami skyline and celebrity homes
  • Personalized itineraries for romance, entertainment, or relaxation
  • High-quality vessels for safety, comfort, and style

Embarking on a Biscayne Bay tour with us is a breeze. Reach out to us at +1 786-636-1008 and let our dedicated team tailor a maritime journey that aligns with your personal tastes and preferences. Experience the ultimate city encounter with Miami’s most reputable boat charter service.

Customizable Private Boat Tours in Miami

Embark on a voyage that’s uniquely yours with our customizable private boat tours Miami. We at Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours take pride in providing an experience tailored just for you, whether it’s soaking in the ocean vistas or celebrating life’s milestones on the gentle waves.

Celebrate Special Occasions on the Water

Life’s big moments deserve exceptional celebrations. That’s why our special occasions boat rental service offers the perfect backdrop for your birthday bashes, romantic anniversary dinners, or jovial family gatherings. Picture the sun setting behind the Miami skyline as you toast to your special occasion, surrounded by the ones you love, on the privacy of your rental boat. The memories made here, against the city’s shimmering waters, are the ones that last forever.

Create Your Perfect Itinerary with Our Flexible Options

Your adventure, your rules. That’s our motto when it comes to crafting the ideal itinerary for your private boat tour. Our flexible itineraries mean you get to choose where to go and what to do. Whether you wish to explore the star-studded Star Island, relax on the sands of Monument Island, or simply drift along the Miami River, our captains are at the helm ready to guide you wherever you choose to journey.

Fishing Charters Miami: A Reel Adventure Awaits

At Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, we blend the allure of Biscayne Bay fishing with the excitement of a reel adventure to create the ultimate Miami fishing experience. Our fishing charters Miami are perfectly crafted to suit both novice baiters and veteran anglers. Come aboard with us, and set off into the abundant waters for a catch that could become the highlight of your trip.

Our seasoned captains know these waters like the back of their hand, guiding you to the most bountiful spots where the fish are jumping and the challenge is as thrilling as the catch. Equipped with top-notch gear and surrounded by the picturesque views of Miami’s waters, each moment on board solidifies into an adventure you won’t soon forget.

  • Expert Guidance: Our guides bring years of experience and local knowledge to ensure your fishing voyage is productive and enjoyable.
  • Premium Gear: State-of-the-art rods, reels, and tackle to handle the rigors of deep sea battles.
  • Diverse Fish Species: Target a multitude of species, from majestic sailfish to tenacious tarpon, adding the thrill of diversity to your excursion.
  • Safety First: Your wellbeing is our priority, with all safety guidelines meticulously followed for a worry-free day of angling action.

Part of the fun is in the camaraderie, the storytelling, and the shared passion for the sport — all key ingredients of our fishing charters Miami. So whether you’re here to scribble a new entry in your big-fish-tale diary or to simply soak up the sun, sea, and serenity, we’re here to make it happen. Let’s cast a line into the azure and watch the magic unfold!

Luxury Boat Rentals Miami: Sail in Style and Comfort

Elevate your Miami experience with our premier luxury boat rentals. Offering you the epitome of maritime elegance, our exquisite fleet stands ready to whisk you away on an aquatic journey filled with grandeur and serenity. Picture yourself sailing the turquoise waters, embraced by the warm Florida sun, aboard our sophisticated vessels that are second to none in terms of luxury and performance.

Select from Our Fleet of Top-of-the-Line Vessels

We take immense pride in our carefully curated selection of luxury boats, each designed to provide an unmatched seafaring experience. Our fleet comprises the latest models boasting cutting-edge technology, ensuring that every excursion is not just a trip but an indulgence in nautical excellence. Immerse yourself in the magnificence and style as you choose the perfect yacht that resonates with your desire for adventure and luxury.

Luxurious Accommodations and State-of-the-Art Facilities

Step aboard and revel in the sumptuous comforts that our luxury boat rentals have to offer. With interiors steeped in elegance and outfitted with the finest amenities, your time on the water becomes a haven of relaxation and entertainment. From plush seating to high-end entertainment systems, every detail is fine-tuned to provide an environment that is both opulent and inviting, ensuring your journey is as enjoyable as the destination itself.

Vessel Name Type Accommodations Special Features
SeaBreeze Luxury Motoryacht 2 staterooms, en-suite bathrooms Premium sound system, sundeck
Azimuth Elegance Sport Cruiser Master suite with panoramic windows Top-speed performance, retractable roof
Ocean’s Harmony Sailing Yacht 3 luxury cabins, 3 baths Eco-friendly design, spacious lounge
Vista Serenity Custom Flybridge 4 deluxe cabins, formal dining Full navigational suite, gyro stabilizers

Embark on your sea voyage with us, where every luxury boat rental in Miami is an adventure crafted to perfection. Whether seeking respite from the bustling city or aiming to celebrate a special occasion, we provide an unparalleled sailing experience complete with the highest caliber of luxurious accommodations and state-of-the-art facilities. Set sail with confidence and sophistication, and allow us to make your maritime dreams a sublime reality.

Sailing Charters Miami: Glide Across Biscayne Bay

Embarking on a sailing charters Miami journey caters to those in search of a perfect blend between adventure and tranquility. Set sail on the pristine waters of Biscayne Bay and allow yourself to be carried away by the gentle rhythms of the sea. Our commitment to serene sailing experiences ensures that every voyage leaves a lasting impression of peace and elegance, just as the ocean intended.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability, we take pride in offering eco-friendly tours that not only provide unforgettable views but also preserve the beauty of our marine ecosystems for future generations. Let the wind guide you through an environmental friendly sail that explores Miami’s most scenic coastline stretches.

Serene Sailing Experiences Catered to Your Preferences

We understand that every sailor has unique tastes and requirements. That’s why our charters are fully customizable, ensuring your experience reflects your personal style and pace. Whether you’d like to bask in the sun, dive into the depths of Biscayne Bay, or simply enjoy the stunning vistas, we create sailing itineraries tailored just for you.

Eco-Friendly Tours with Stunning Views of Miami’s Coastline

Biscayne Bay sailing is not just a pastime; it’s an intimate dance with nature. As you glide across the water, watch Miami’s skyline fade into a beautiful panoramic backdrop, giving way to the city’s natural charm. Our eco-friendly vessels are designed to provide optimal enjoyment while ensuring the lightest touch on the environment, preserving the bay’s delicate balance. Come aboard and witness the magical confluence of sea and sky through our serene sailing escapades.

Party Boat Rentals Miami: Celebrate with a Splash

Imagine your perfect celebration. Now, picture it with the glistening Miami skyline on the horizon and the soothing waves beneath you—this is the experience our party boat rentals Miami offers. Whether you’re dancing under the star-flecked sky or basking in the sun, we guarantee a Miami party on the water that is truly extraordinary. With us, you can look forward to a celebration boat hire that is synonymous with excitement, luxury, and unforgettable moments.

Now, let’s dive into what makes these events not just parties, but fun-filled boat events that leave a lasting impression on all who come aboard:

  • Stunning Views of the Miami Coastline
  • State-of-the-Art Sound Systems for Your Favorite Beats
  • Exquisite Catering Options for All Tastes
  • Customizable Themes to Match Your Celebration
  • Luxurious Lounging Areas to Relax and Socialize

Our dedicated team is here to ensure that your event is managed to perfection. So, gather your friends and loved ones, tell us your vision, and we will bring it to life. There’s nothing like a party boat rental in Miami to create memories that will be talked about for years to come.

Event Type Boat Features Special Add-Ons
Birthday Bash Spacious Dance Deck, Private Bar Customizable Birthday Banner, Cake Service
Bachelorette Party Luxurious Lounge, Entertainment System Champagne Toasts, Decorative Balloons
Anniversary Celebration Romantic Setting, Panoramic Views Gourmet Dining, Live Music
Corporate Gathering Multiple Seating Configurations, Projector Screen Team-Building Activities, Catered Buffet

It’s about more than just renting a boat; it’s about creating a festive tapestry of joy, laughter, and camaraderie that stays with you long after you’ve returned to shore. Embrace the zest of Miami, and let the waves carry away all your cares. Here’s to a sensational Miami party on the water—courtesy of our celebration boat hire. Cheers to the good times ahead!

Corporate Boat Charters Miami: Impress Your Clients and Team

At Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, we believe in creating exceptional corporate experiences that stand out. Our corporate boat charters in Miami are the perfect blend of business and pleasure, providing a refreshing alternative to the usual office environment. From exhilarating team-building events on water to sophisticated client meetings at sea, each charter is an opportunity to create unforgettable moments.

Host Memorable Team-Building Events or Client Meetings on the Water

Imagine the clear blue sky above and the gentle sway of the waves as your backdrop—this is what we offer for your corporate gatherings. Our spacious and well-equipped boats serve as the ideal venue for both team-building efforts and client meetings. Broaden your horizons beyond the boardroom and encourage collaboration and camaraderie among colleagues with activities designed to engage and inspire.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Unique Corporate Outings

When it comes to organizing unique corporate outings, we understand the importance of detail and customization. Whether it’s a cocktail reception under the stars or a full-day seminar at sea, our team works meticulously to ensure that your event reflects the sophistication and professionalism of your brand. With our luxury fleet, your corporate events will be the talk of the industry.

Corporate Boat Charters Miami

  • Exclusive Charters: Private, luxurious vessels for your exclusive corporate events.
  • Customizable Experiences: Tailor every aspect of your charter to fit your company’s needs.
  • Professional Crew: Experienced staff to ensure your event runs smoothly and safely.

With Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, your business events transition seamlessly into a refreshing, memorable experience. Allow us to elevate your corporate occasions by chartering with us through the heart of Miami’s stunning waterscapes. Impress and motivate in an environment that promises to be as productive as it is picturesque.


We at Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours are proud to present a fleet that dovetails perfectly with the spirit of Miami—a city that pulses with life, framed by stunning aquatic vistas. Our mission is to facilitate your discovery of this excitement through our unforgettable Miami boat charters, ensuring every moment spent with us becomes a treasured memory.

Embark on the Voyage of a Lifetime with Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours

Each wave you ride and every horizon you chase encapsulates the essence of a true Aquarius Miami adventure. With us, your nautical journey transforms into a voyage of a lifetime, surpassing mere sightseeing to become an immersive escapade that echoes the vibrant heartbeat of the ocean and the city. Whether you seek serenity or thirst for the thrill of the sea, we’re here to guide you through Miami’s majestic waters.

Plan Your Unforgettable Miami Boat Charter Today

Don’t let the sun set on your dreams of sailing the Miami seas. It’s time to book a boat tour and unlock the gateway to aquatic splendor. Our dedicated team is ready and eager to help you anchor down the details for an unparalleled seafaring excursion. Reach out, cast off the bowlines, and set sail on an adventure where the warm breeze whispers stories of adventure, luxury, and relaxation—only with Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours.


What types of boat charters does Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours offer in Miami?

We offer a range of Miami boat charters tailored for different experiences, including private boat tours, luxury yacht rentals, sightseeing boat tours, fishing charters, sailing charters, party boat rentals, and corporate boat charters. Each charter is designed to provide an unforgettable experience on Biscayne Bay and the surrounding waters.

Can I plan a private event or celebration with a boat charter?

Absolutely! We specialize in customizable private boat tours in Miami for any special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a day out with friends and family, we can help create your perfect itinerary and provide a celebratory atmosphere on the water.

Are fishing charters available for both novices and experienced anglers?

Yes, our Miami fishing charters cater to all levels of experience. We provide the necessary gear and expert guidance for anyone looking to enjoy a reel adventure, whether they are first-time fishers or seasoned pros eager to explore the rich waters of Biscayne Bay.

Do you offer sightseeing tours that showcase Miami’s iconic landmarks?

Our sightseeing boat tours Miami are a fantastic way to see the city’s iconic landmarks. Guests can marvel at the luxurious Millionaire Homes, enjoy the vistas of exclusive Fisher Island, and experience the splendor of the Miami skyline from a unique water-based perspective.

What makes Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours a preferred choice for boat rentals in Miami?

We are known for our five-star service and luxurious amenities. Our expert tour guides enhance each sightseeing experience with fun and informative commentary, ensuring a memorable tour of Miami. The fleet of top-of-the-line vessels and diverse offerings make us a preferred choice for those seeking high-quality boat rental adventures.

How can I book a boat charter and what are the operating hours?

Booking a charter is simple. You can make a reservation online at or contact us at +1 786-636-1008. We operate seven days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, making it convenient for you to schedule your next Miami boat charter.

Are the boat tours and charters eco-friendly?

Yes, we offer eco-friendly tours, especially our sailing charters which rely on wind power for a serene and sustainable sailing experience. We’re committed to providing tours that celebrate Miami’s natural beauty while minimizing environmental impact.

Can I rent a luxury boat for a day of relaxation on the water?

Certainly. Our luxury boat rentals in Miami are perfect for a day of tranquility on the water. You’ll enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and luxurious accommodations aboard our top-of-the-line vessels. It’s a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and indulge in comfort and style.

How suitable are your boat charters for corporate events?

Our corporate boat charters in Miami provide a unique and impressive setting for client meetings and team-building events. Sailing through the heart of Miami, corporate gatherings can be tailored to your needs, ensuring a remarkable and productive experience for colleagues and clients alike.

What should I bring for my boat charter experience?

For the most comfortable and enjoyable experience, we recommend bringing sun protection, such as sunscreen and a hat, along with any personal items you may need. If you’ve booked a fishing charter, all fishing gear is provided, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. For all other charters, you’re welcome to bring snacks and refreshments, but please check with us first regarding any specific items or requests.