What Is The Best Boat Rental Company In Miami? - Miami, Fl

What is the best boat rental company in Miami? – Miami, FL

Find the best boat rental company in Miami

The boat rental market in Miami is highly competitive, therefore it can be hectic to navigate through all these offers and understand how to make the most for your buck.

What Is The Best Boat Rental Company In Miami?

First things first, when you are browsing for the best boat rental company in Miami, you have to consider different parameters:

1- Is the gas included?

2- Are there any hidden fees?

3- Is the company legit and insured?

4- How big is the boat? And what size am I comfortable driving?

5- How many people are allowed on board?

6- Is the experience private?

7- What are the add-ons and does it come with a captain?

We have studied the competition, visited many places and here are in our opinion the three best boat rentals you can decide to place your faith in.


Coconut Grove now Miami Beach

The customer service is good and the location is great. The company has a large variety of boats to rent from 18 to 28 ft.

They offer deals on Groupon and have positive reviews on Trip Advisor.

They also provide Yacht Rental and seem to be very acknowledgeable.



Aquajet Miami was the first company to introduce the jetpack and the flyboard in Miami. Always at the cutting-edge, Aquajet Miami has well-evolved and now offers boat tours and boat parties on their giant pontoon boat.

Prices are great and the staff delivers five-star customer service. Their boat tours are well-designed and provided by a nice team of people who really love what they are doing.

Plus, there are no hidden fees and everything is pretty upfront.

Bonus: they offer one of the most thrilling experiences you can have: Flyboarding! Give it a try before you leave Miami!



Aquarius Boat Rental Miami is definitely the best boat rental company in Miami. Aquarius Boat Rental is a rising star company for boat rental in Miami.

All their rentals include gas so you don’t have to worry about going to the pump at the end of your boat day in Miami.

You will never have bad surprises when renting a boat with Aquarius Boat Rental Miami. As a matter of fact, everything is explained upfront and disclosed in their contract. Aquarius Boat Rental Miami offers only private experiences so you can enjoy your boat day with your loved ones only.

Their prices are very low and it makes the whole experience super affordable. Aquarius Boat Rental Miami even offers boat memberships and boat clubs. It’s like owning a boat with no inconvenience! The company offers different pickup locations so you don’t have to drive all around the city. Plus they can pick you up from your designated private dock.

Finally, their boats are in outstanding condition and the team is very friendly. They always recommend good spots to anchor and party. This company is really to consider if you are looking for a boat to rent in Miami for the day or per hour.

Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental Miami enjoy sharing their knowledge and the best tips to rent a boat in Miami.

They are currently open for business but only bareboat rental avid Covid-19.

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In Summary, when you are trying to figure out what is the best boat rental company in Miami, the answer is easy! Contact Aquarius Boat Tours and Rentals for the best worry-free tours and rentals with a captain in Miami, Florida.