Become a boat pilot expert!

Learn to drive a boat on Miami Boat! Our boating lessons are a great choice, especially if you want to learn as a family or group of friends. At Aquarius, we provide lessons to adults and kids to learn boat safety and driving a boat.

Why three-hour boat rental is our best-seller, you might ask? 3 hours is a minimum to enjoy the wonders Aquarius will show you while on the water. And that’s just where the fun begins.

We provide boating lessons on the Miami Boat only. The Miami Boat price is upped 15% for a boating lesson. Learn how to drive a boat, manuveur boat through the water on this amazing spacious boat.

Boat training

We teach you how to become an expert around boats! From rules of the road, basic maneuvering, anchoring, and safety rules. Docking will be on the second lesson but after your first training you will be able to safely drive the boat on the water.

Learn how to drive a boat in Miami, FL!

Looking for boating lessons in Miami, FL? Book your boating lesson online with Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours Miami! Discover the pleasures of boating by learning basic maneuvers for a boat. Learn the rules of boating and how to responsibly drive a boat in and around Miami's bay. Please meet us at 518 West Avenue, in Miami Beach, FL. Make sure you sign your online contract before coming, and before you know it, you will be cruising away!

Our pristine boat fleet provides shade and plenty of seating in the boats. For the Boating Lesson, we ask our clientele to pick the Miami Boat. You are welcome to invite guests on board if you want them to enjoy the ride and witness your new boating expert performances. You can also bring food and drinks but we won't allow you to drive if you have sipped one drop of alcohol.

Anchoring and swimming are easy and allowed with any boating lesson in Miami if you would like to relax! Discover secret islands, celebrity homes, and sandbars as your captain teaches you how to drive the boat on Miami's amazing Biscayne Bay!

3-hour boat ride is our best seller in terms of duration because you have enough time to explore the best sightseeing in Miami and you can anchor, swim, relax and party. Oftentimes our guests request an extension but 3-hour is definitely the perfect timing to get started.

The giant boats are the perfect compromise for comfort, space and reasonable prices. There are definitely our best sellers, and this is why we own two of them.

Imagine exploring Miami's virgin islands on the bay: crystal clear water, raccoon, manatees, and tropical jungle. Getting this experience in one of the biggest cities in the United States is surreal, but at Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, we make it happen!

Yes, our guests enjoy having a peak at the rich and famous houses. Renowned worldwide, Miami's bay is a concentration of luxury waterfront mansions and celebrity fortresses that you can admire only from a boat. Our captains are trained to give you the best private celebrity home tour you will ever get!

Hours of Operation:

8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM




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Start planning Miami Boating Lesson

Our ultimate goal is to preserve our Bay and the safety of all its boaters, water sports addicts, and personal watercraft riders. In order to provide the very best boat rental services in the Miami area. We offer great value, personalized services, and convenient boating lessons to all of our customers. We’re here to help with your every need learning how to drive a boat. We understand boating is a learning curve, therefore we are now offering boating lessons in Miami to our dear customers.

What you will learn

While you are learning to drive a boat, explore Miami by water and enjoy nature at its best.

Discover Miami's waterfront in luxury with Aquarius. Our signature Private Guided Tours pass the glamourous island homes of Miami's rich and famous, including residences on Star Island, Hibiscus Island, Palm Island, and more. This highly-rated boat ride is fully customizable and can include an anchor and swim stop at white sand islands.

Aquarius offers guests unbeatable views of the dramatic downtown Miami skyline. Departing from Millionaire’s Row in Miami Beach, every day, by appointment only!

We issue certificate at end of your training!

Boating Lessons Miami Beach Fl

Rules of the road

Miami Beach, FL

Best Miami Beach Boat Rentals To Learn Boating

How to put the boat on plane

Miami Beach, FL

Boating Lessons Miami Beach Fl

How to be fuel efficient

Miami, FL

Learn How To Handle And Drive Boats


Miami Beach, FL

Best Boating Lessons In Miami Fl

Basic Maneuvering

Miami Beach, FL


We are here for you

Explore the Aquarius Boat Rental experience and plan an unforgettable boat ride in Miami.

Frequently asked questions

After completing one of our boat courses, customers will receive a certificate of completion from Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours. This certificate will help increase confidence out on the water in addition to knowing you have gained knowledge on boat safety, regulations, manuvering in the water and more with our hand-on boat classes. 

There is no set route you decide where to go, our captains' favorites are:

- a trip north to the sandbar, millionaire row, Indian creek Village (usually on 4-hour+ trips)

- or a trip south: star island, downtown Miami, and the river, the port of Miami, fisher island 🙂 perfect for 2/3 hours.

Of course, you can stop and swim and enjoy the mat at nice islands on the bay. Whether you want to sightsee or just play your own music, relax, or party, it is totally up to you 🥰

  • We include a giant floating mat and inflatables for free
  • The boat comes with a cooler
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • All safety equipment
  • Our kindness and smiles.
  • Gas, Captain fee, and Taxes are included in the price you see on the front page.

If you want to reserve your Miami Boat Rental online, click here.

  • Food and drinks
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses and a hat
  • Bring comfortable clothes (no jeans!)
  • Bathing suit and Sunblock (eco-responsible).
  • Extra cash

Boating in the Bay is totally safe for the little ones. This is a kid-friendly activity in Miami. They enjoy the ride, speed and even jumping in the water for the bigger kids.

Of course,  we provide life jackets for babies and toddlers. Life vests are not mandatory for kids over 6 years old but we will still have them on board.

Make sure to let us know how many children will attend if it's more than 2 so we can plan ahead.

Time goes quickly on a boat so 4 hours will pass like a blink of an eye. There are so many things to see and explore from a boat in Miami that 4 hours is not enough. Our best seller is 3-hour but usually people extend their trip to 4 hours.

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Aquarius' Boat Rental Miami Fleet

Experience riding on the best boats in Miami, our private family-friendly boats with boat charters from South Florida's best boat rental.

22-foot boat rental

22-foot boat rental 

fits 1 to 6 people

Fits 1 to 6 people

Mandatory Captain

Mandatory Captain

Optional Tubing

Optional Boating Lessons

12-ft Floating Mat

10-ft Floating Mat

29-foot boat rental

29-foot boat rental

fits 1 to 11 people

Fits 1 to 9 | Optional up to 11 ppl*

Mandatory Captain

Mandatory Captain

Kid-friendly and Comfort

Kid-friendly and Comfortable

12-ft Floating Mat

10-ft Floating Mat

31-foot boat rental

31-foot boat rental 

fits 1 to 8 people

Fits 1 to 8 people

Mandatory Captain

Mandatory Captain

Incredible Sound System & Stabilizers

Incredible Sound System and Stabilizers 

12-ft Floating Mat

10-ft Inflatable Mat

37-foot boat rental

37-foot boat rental 

fits 1 to 8 people

Fits 1 to 9 people

Mandatory Captain

Mandatory Captain

Cabin and Bathroom on board

Cabin and Bathroom on board

12-ft Floating Mat

Sun top and giant coolers

Why Aquarius?

Learning to drive a boat is an exhilarating experience, and there's no better place to dive into this adventure than in Miami FL. Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours offers an immersive powerboat experience that combines fun, safety, and practical boating knowledge with our custom boat lessons. Easily learn how to drive a boat yourself!


Aquarius provides comprehensive training that covers the basics of boat handling, right from taking the helm to operating the throttle during the boat lesson. We ensure all boaters, whether novice or experienced, gain confidence in their skills with our boat lessons. on the best Miami boat rentals.


Tailored Learning to Drive a Boat

Aquarius offers customizable options that cater to various interests. If you're keen on fishing, they have boats equipped for it. If you want to explore the surroundings, they can guide you through the best routes. This flexibility enhances the fun factor and allows you to make the most of your powerboating experience.


Convenient Location - Mid-Beach

Located in Miami Beach, Aquarius provides easy access to docks and marinas. The convenient location, coupled with available parking, makes the start and end of your boating adventure hassle-free while learning how to drive a boat in Miami, Florida!


Aquarius offers the best boat class near you if you are located in Miami, Florida. Boat classes are available every day with boat classes nearby in Mid-Beach on Miami Beach.
Get boat docking lessons in our boat driving class. The boat driving classes at Aquarius are the best boat driving courses. Our captains provide professional boat driving lessons. Boat driving lessons cost for boat driving lessons Miami are very affordable. Get boat lessons for adults and boat lessons for kids with Aquarius's boat lessons in Miami courses.
Get hands-on boating courses near you in Miami.

Does this sound like you?

  • How do you learn to drive a boat?
  • How much do boating lessons cost?
  • How to learn boating?
  • How to learn how to drive a boat?
  • How to learn to drive a boat?
  • Where to learn how to drive a boat?
  • Where to learn to drive a boat?

Call Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours! Our private boat piloting courses provide a hands-on boat school boat training Florida service.

Get private boating lessons near you for on-water boat training. Make it a family event with private family boating classes to get the best motorboat lessons with on-the-water boat training and the best boating instructions and boating lessons in Miami, Florida.


Our boat lessons include a safety course on safety equipment like life jackets and boating safety skills during your time on one of our courses. From the time you leave the marina until you return, you will gain boating skills and gain the advantage of professional knowledge to concur the waves on any vessel. Check out our YouTube channel.


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