At Aquarius, we teach you to be boarding-ready! Boating is an incredibly safe activity—statistically speaking you’re a whole lot safer on a boat than in a car—and one of the big reasons why is the widespread availability of high-quality safety gear.

Enjoy the flexibility of being reimbursed (Rain Guarantee Purchase) when it’s forecasted to rain! Our partner, Sensible Weather, will monitor the weather and contact you to reimburse you on the morning of your tour if the official NOAA forecast shows 1 or more hours of rain for a 2-hour boat rental or 2 or more hours of rain for anything boat rental longer than 2 hours during your rental period.

When you purchase the Aquarius Boat Rentals and Tours rain guarantee, you can’t lose!

You may still go on your tour as long as conditions are safe, AND you get your money back.

Note: Rain Guarantee Purchases are not available on bookings made within 96 hours (4 days) of the booking date and will be refunded if added to a booking made within 96 hours of the booking date.

See terms and conditions for more details on our rain guarantee purchase terms: Terms & Conditions