Thank you for your booking !

♒️ Arrival: Please aim to arrive 5 minutes early.

Wait at the ramp leading to the dock; your captain will meet you there.

Please note that waiting indoors, parking in front of the marina, or causing excessive noise is strictly prohibited and may result in booking cancellation without refund.

There’s no restrooms at the marina - make sure to use the restrooms at the Publix: 1100 6th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139 or ask your captain to stop by on the way.

Our marina is located 518 West Avenue, Miami Beach


Please sign waiver before your appointment




All participants in the experience must sign their liability waivers.

If the waivers are not signed at boarding, it may result in a delay, and you might lose valuable time from your experience as we complete the necessary paperwork.

Parking options


Publix Parking Fifth and Alton: 550 Lenox, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Free for the first 2 hours, then approximately $2 per hour.

5 min walk


Public Parking 959 West Avenue Miami Beach

Prices vary

9 min walk

How to find our marina

Important rules

⛔️ Avoid clothing (jeans) or towels that may bleed when wet.
⚠️ No glass cups; please use paper or Yeti-type cups. Glass bottles are allowed.
👠 Barefoot onboard; shoes will be stored in a designated compartment.
🚭 No smoking; vaping only.
❌ No balloons, confetti, or piñatas onboard.
⚠️ Stains on seats will result in charges. ❌ So no Spray Tan, Curry, Jeans, etc.
🚮 Use only the designated trash can at the marina, don’t litter.

Please dress appropriately, as our marina is beneath a residential building. You can dress like you are going to the beach (bathing suits with coverups or shorts + t-shirts).

A Few Info Before Your Boat Tour

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General FAQs

Have more questions?

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