Boat Charter Miami Beach

Experience Luxury with Boat Charter Miami Beach

We understand the allure of the open sea; it’s a boundless canvas that commands respect yet beckons adventure. There’s something remarkable about the warmth of the sun on your skin, the salty sea spray, and the gentle rock of the waves that speaks directly to our deepest cravings for freedom and luxury. That’s why, at Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering nothing short of extraordinary upon the azure playground of Miami Beach. Our luxury boat charter is designed to turn dreams of unforgettable ocean escapades into vivid, cherished memories.

Join us as we cast off the moorings of the mundane. Glide across the shimmering Miami waters in vessels that embody the epitome of opulence and sophistication. Whether craving a sun-soaked afternoon on our 37’ Sea Ray Sundancer or the unmatched elegance of the 105′ Leopard, we have the keys to an oceanic paradise. With us, every journey is more than a mere boat charter in Miami Beach; it’s an invitation to indulge in an experience that will stay with you long after you’ve returned to shore.

Key Takeaways

  • Indulge in the ulmost opulence with Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours’ luxury fleet.
  • Choose from a range of vessels to fulfill your desire for unforgettable ocean escapades.
  • Transform your sea journey with the lavish amenities offered aboard our luxury boat charters.
  • Discover new heights of sea-bound adventure, leaving the ordinary behind.
  • Experience the freedom and luxury of Miami Beach with our exceptional service guiding your voyage.

Embark on a Lavish Sea Adventure with Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours

When it’s time to elevate your leisure time, nothing compares to the experience of setting sail on the pristine waters surrounding Miami Beach. Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours presents an escapade into luxury, where the azure sky meets the ocean’s hue in a dance of tranquility. We invite you aboard to discover the pinnacle of nautical excellence.

We are not just a private boat rental; we’re your gateway to unforgettable memories upon the waves. Here’s why:

Why Choose Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours

For those who seek nothing less than extraordinary, we are the embodiment of yacht rental Miami Beach elegance. Our dedicated crew, attention to detail, and commitment to safety cultivate an environment where you can immerse yourself in the joys of sea-bound freedom without a care in the world. With Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, your sailing charter Miami experience becomes a cherished tale of the sea.

Our Premium Fleet: From Sundancer to Azimut Excellence

Indulge in our top-tier fleet, wherein lies a vessel for every fancy—from intimate gatherings on our 37’ Sea Ray Sundancer to grand celebrations aboard the magnificent 80′ Azimut S8, fitted with an array of water toys for your pleasure and leisure. Aboard our luxury yachts, everyday life fades into the horizon, and a new world of marine splendor awaits.

Contact Information and Operating Hours

Cast off from the mundane shorelines and chart a course to luxury with us. Find our haven at 5225 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, Florida 33140. Contact us at +1 786-636-1008. Embark on your voyage any day of the week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and let your dreams set sail with the trusted name in private boat rental—Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours. Your sea adventure is just a horizon away.

Premier Yacht Charter Miami Beach Options

As connoisseurs of luxury boat charter experiences, we take pride in offering an assortment of yacht charter Miami Beach selections designed to cater to your desire for opulent cruises. Each vessel in our fleet represents the zenith of maritime sophistication and comfort, ready to transport you into a world of extravagance on the open seas.

Luxury Yacht Charter

50′ Princess Flybridge: The Pinnacle of Elegance

Aboard our 50’ Princess Flybridge, you will discover a harmonious blend of sumptuousness and performance. This yacht exemplifies refined elegance with its spacious interiors, allowing guests to traverse the waters of Miami in unparalleled comfort. Below is a snapshot of the luxury that awaits you:

Feature Description
Staterooms Three beautifully appointed staterooms offer peaceful rest and privacy.
Bathrooms Two modern bathrooms equipped with essential amenities for your convenience.
Recreational Equipment Includes a floating mat and paddleboard for your leisure and exploration.

105′ Leopard: Opulence on the Open Seas

The majestic 105’ Leopard stands as an emblem of opulence, designed for discerning individuals who demand nothing short of extraordinary. Each detail of this grand yacht is tailored to create an ambiance of lavishness, where every moment becomes a treasured memory. Explore its indulgent offerings:

  • Modern jet-skis ready to exhilarate your senses on the waves
  • Sea bobs for aquatic adventures beneath the glistening Miami sun
  • A grand floating island providing a unique space for relaxation at sea
  • A sophisticated jacuzzi where you can unwind and soak in the panoramic views

With our commitment to excellence, we ensure our yacht charters encapsulate the essence of luxury. Set sail with us and savor the splendor of Miami’s waters in a setting that is as unforgettable as it is enchanting.

Customizable Miami Beach Boat Tours for Every Occasion

At the heart of our service lies the promise of a bespoke sea journey that is as unique as you are. We understand that no two celebrations or outings are identical, which is why we offer tailor-made experiences designed to amplify your sea adventure. Discover the allure of the open waters with our personalized boat tour Miami Beach options, perfect for any event you have in mind.

Intimate Sunset Cruises

Imagine the sky awash with hues of fiery oranges and blush pinks, the ocean gently swaying your vessel as the sun bids farewell to the day. That is the tranquility that awaits you with our intimate sunset cruises. Perfect for romantic outings, special anniversaries, or a peaceful retreat, these cruises are crafted to make your moments unforgettable.

Lively Party Boat Rentals

Switch the tempo and turn the waves into your personal dance floor with our party boat rentals. Engineered for excitement and designed for joy, our fleet is at the ready to host your birthdays, bachelorette parties, or simply a day of jubilance. Amp up the volume, revel in the Miami Beach vibe, and make memories that resonate with the rhythm of happiness.

Cruise Type Features Duration Capacity
Sunset Serenity Private deck, ambient music, complimentary champagne 2 hours Up to 10 guests
Vibrant Party Quest DJ booth, party lights, catering options 4 hours Up to 30 guests
Bespoke Sea Journey Customized itinerary, water toys, luxury amenities Custom Varies

Whatever the occasion, a boat tour in Miami Beach ensures that your event is not just celebrated, but transformed into a mesmerizing tale of sea, sky, and splendor. Let us steer you towards an unparalleled experience – the kind that only the open ocean can deliver.

Indulge in Unmatched Comfort with Luxury Boat Charter Interiors

Step aboard one of our exclusive yacht rental Miami Beach vessels and enter a world where comfortable lavish interiors set the stage for the extraordinary. At Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, each luxury boat charter is a testament to our commitment to luxury, merging elegance with comfort to deliver a superior seafaring experience.

Luxurious Yacht Interiors

Imagine the soft embrace of a suede lounge chair as the rich aroma of polished teak envelops you. Meticulous craftsmanship in every upholstered nook invites guests to unwind, while state-of-the-art amenities turn a simple voyage into an unforgettably indulgent journey.

Feature Description
Plush Staterooms Opulent bedding, ample storage space, and personalized climate control
Gourmet Galley Fully equipped with top-tier appliances for fine dining at sea
Spacious Lounging Areas Ergonomic furniture designed for both aesthetics and comfort
Luxury Bathrooms Featuring marble countertops, rain showers, and luxury toiletries
Entertainment Systems State-of-the-art audio-visual technology for an immersive experience

Our luxury boat charters are floating oases designed to soothe the soul and delight the senses. It’s not just a journey, it’s a passage to tranquility amidst the splendor of Miami Beach’s azure waters.

Discover the Thrill of Fishing Charter Miami

We understand the allure of the sea and the excitement that comes with reeling in a catch under the Miami sun. Our fishing charter Miami experiences are designed to deliver nothing short of exhilarating adventurous sea escapades aboard our fully-equipped yachts. From the moment you step on board, the promise of adventure is tangible in the salt air and the horizon that stretches before you.

Expert Guided Fishing Adventures

Our seasoned captains are not just skilled navigators but also seasoned anglers who guide you to the best fishing spots in Miami. With their expertise, you are assured of an engaging and successful day of fishing, be it the pursuit of the majestic sailfish or the fight of a powerful mahi-mahi. Rest assured, whether you’re casting the line for the first time or you’re an experienced fisher looking to land the big one, you are in capable hands.

All Equipment Provided for an Unforgettable Experience

No need to worry about bringing your gear—our yachts are equipped with top-of-the-line rods, reels, bait, and tackle. Everything you need for that unforgettable catch is at your fingertips. Our dedicated crew ensures your fishing experience is seamless and full of action. They cater to all your needs, leaving you free to immerse yourself fully in the thrill of the chase and the beauty of the open water.

Time Activity Locations Visited Targeted Fish Species
7:00 AM Departure & Safety Briefing Marina Dock
7:30 AM Trolling for Baitfish Nearshore Waters Ballyhoo, Pilchards
8:30 AM Offshore Fishing Commences Deep Sea Reefs Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo
12:00 PM Lunch & Leisure Time Onboard Dining
1:00 PM Bottom Fishing Wrecks and Structures Snapper, Grouper
3:00 PM Return to Dock Marina Dock

The Best Routes for Sailing Charter Miami

If you’ve longed for the quintessential sailing experience, a sailing charter Miami voyage is the answer. Here at Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, we pride ourselves on guiding you through the most scenic sea paths that Miami has to offer. Not only are these routes visually stunning, but they also provide the backdrop for the most optimal sailing experiences you can imagine.

Sailing along the Miami coastline, our charters navigate a course that showcases the vibrant city skyline to one side and the sprawling natural beauty of the Atlantic Ocean to the other. As we set sail, the hustle and bustle of the city fade into the background, replaced by the serene ambiance of the ocean’s embrace.

  • Biscayne Bay – Perfect for those seeking calm waters with stunning views of downtown Miami.
  • The Stiltsville Route – Explore the historic and picturesque houses on stilts above the seagrass beds of Biscayne Bay.
  • Key Biscayne – Ideal for spotting dolphins and manatees as you sail around this lush island paradise.
  • The Sandbar Extravaganza – Anchor near a popular sandbar for a day of sun, swimming, and socializing.
  • Voyage to the Florida Keys – For the more adventurous, extend your charter to include the idyllic islands of the Keys.

Whether you’re envisioning a peaceful afternoon sail, a romantic sunset cruise, or an adventurous journey to the colorful depths of the Keys, we tailor the route to your desires. Trust us to steer you through Miami’s waters – the gateway to unforgettable moments on the high seas.

Embrace the allure of the ocean with Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours. Let us be your compass to the hidden gems and mesmerizing routes that can only be appreciated fully from the deck of a sailboat. Cast off the lines, hoist the sails, and let the winds of Miami guide you to the cruising experience of your dreams.

Affordable Luxury with Competitive Yacht Rental Miami Beach Pricing

At Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, we believe in providing an experience that encapsulates both luxury and affordability. Our competitive yacht rental Miami Beach pricing is tailored to offer you the finest vessels and impeccable service without the premium cost usually associated with such exclusivity. We are dedicated to bringing you exclusive offers that align with our philosophy of affordable luxury, ensuring that your maritime dreams are well within reach.

Special Deals and Discounts

Keep an eye out for our seasonal specials and promotional offers that enhance the value of your ocean sojourn. These exclusive offers are specially curated to introduce more travelers to the opulent lifestyle of yacht cruising. From last-minute discounts to extended rental deals, we make sure that luxury is never out of scope for our discerning clientele.

Inclusive Pricing for a Hassle-Free Experience

Our pricing structure is as clear as the Miami skies, designed to offer a seamless booking process with no hidden fees. The quotes we provide include all the essentials for a memorable outing at sea. From the captain’s service to fuel and standard amenities onboard, our inclusive pricing means you’ll have more time to bask in the sun rather than sort out logistical details. With Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours, embark on a yacht experience that is both luxurious and affordable, because we believe that everyone deserves a touch of opulence.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Boat Charter Miami Beach

Finding the perfect vessel for your aquatic adventures is paramount to the Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours experience. We strive to elevate your luxury on the waves, ensuring the right boat hire Miami Beach option caters to your preferences and needs. From the exhilaration of sailing to the relaxation of a yacht lounge, we prudently match your desires to our varied fleet; Our expertise in private boat rental ensures that every excursion is tailored to create lasting memories.

Determining the Right Yacht for Your Needs

When it comes to choosing your charter, the vessel’s features must resonate with your envisioned journey. We offer yachts diverse in size and style, fitted with amenities that range from solarium decks for sun lovers to state-of-the-art entertainment systems for the social butterflies. Our advisors listen diligently to your requirements, suggesting the ideal yachts that align with your expectations for an unforgettable sea-bound retreat.

The Importance of Experienced Captains and Crew

Central to our exceptional service are the expert maritime staff, from knowledgeable captains who navigate the Miami waters with finesse, to attentive crew members who cater to your every need. We understand that the captain’s expertise and crew’s hospitality directly contribute to the safety and enjoyment of your time on board. Rest assured, our seasoned professionals are committed to delivering the highest standards of service, ensuring each guest aboard feels valued and secure throughout their private boat rental voyage.


What sets Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours apart for a luxury boat charter in Miami Beach?

We offer unforgettable ocean escapades aboard a range of majestic vessels, providing opulence and adventure with our top-tier services and sophisticated fleet. Our dedication to providing an extraordinary experience on the open seas sets us apart, ensuring each guest’s voyage is nothing short of luxurious.

What types of vessels are available in the Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours fleet?

Our impressive fleet includes a variety of options, from the intimate 37’ Sea Ray Sundancer to the sublime 80′ Azimut S8, all the way to the grandeur of the 105′ Leopard. Each yacht is equipped with luxurious amenities hailing from esteemed brands, catering to every preference for your yacht rental in Miami Beach.

How can I contact Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours for a yacht rental?

You can find us at our physical location at 5225 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33140, call us at +1 786-636-1008, or visit our website at Our team is available to assist you every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Can I customize my boat tour in Miami Beach with Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours?

Absolutely! We offer customizable boat tours to fit any occasion, whether you’re seeking an intimate sunset cruise or a lively party boat rental. Tell us what you envision for your bespoke sea journey, and we will tailor the experience to surpass your expectations.

What is included in the interior of the luxury yachts?

Each yacht boasts interiors that provide immense comfort and luxury. Indulge in plush staterooms, exquisite bathrooms, and carefully appointed amenities designed for an indulgent escape. Our yacht interiors ensure a seamless blend of comfort and refinement during your luxury boat charter.

What can I expect from a fishing charter in Miami with Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours?

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled fishing adventure guided by experts aboard our fully-equipped yachts. We provide all the necessary gear for a successful day of fishing, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler. Our fishing charters are curated to offer an unforgettable experience on the bountiful waters of Miami Beach.

How does Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours ensure an optimal sailing experience?

Our expert captains navigate the most scenic sea paths, ensuring a breathtaking sailing charter in Miami. We aim to deliver optimal sailing experiences, letting you soak in Miami’s skyline or explore South Florida’s expansive waterways, creating lifetime memories.

Are there any special deals and discounts for yacht rental Miami Beach?

Yes, we provide competitive pricing along with special deals and discounts. Our goal is to offer affordable luxury without compromising on the lavish experiences our yacht rentals provide. Look for our inclusive offers and clear upfront pricing for a hassle-free luxury sea adventure.

How do I choose the right yacht for my needs from Aquarius Boat Rental and Tours?

We guide you through selecting the ideal yacht based on your specific needs. Factors like the size of your party, the type of occasion, and the level of luxury desired play a role. Our team ensures you have all the necessary information, including the importance of knowledgeable captains and crew, to make the right decision for your boat hire in Miami Beach.