What is a sandbar party in Miami?

What is a Sandbar Party in Miami?

What is a sandbar party in Miami?
What is a sandbar party in Miami?

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Tips on How to Choose the Best Boat and Place For a Sandbar Party and What to Bring

Do you plan to rent a boat for a birthday party or any other festive occasion and have a memorable day with your crew? Having a sandbar party is the perfect way to get the celebration you deserve. Note that this stands for any other party you want to throw, like an engagement, or bachelor and bachelorette parties. You choose the occasion, but honestly, sandbar parties are so wild and fun that you don’t even need an occasion.

Sandbar parties are a great way to gather friends and family members and just enjoy yourself. Make your lists: guest list, playlist, and grocery one. Be prepared for an unforgettable party time in shallow waters. If you have trouble deciding what kind of boat you should rent for a sandbar and how to prepare, Boatsetter is the right boat rental company for you. We are there to help you plan the perfect sandbar boat rental adventure that will suit all your needs.

Prepare For a Miami Sandbar Party

First and foremost, you should rent a boat with Aquarius for a minimum of 3 hours. Apart from that, you need many beverages, non-alcoholic and alcoholic ones, and of course plenty of water. Be careful with alcohol, it can be hot on a sandbar, and you don’t want anybody to misbehave or get too drunk or worse to drown. You are more than welcome to bring food onboard, as long as the food you plan to take doesn’t stain the seats.

Next on your sandbar packing list is a good music playlist. Our boats are equipped with Bluetooth speakers. Consult your crew and create a playlist together so that music fits everyone’s tastes at this sandbar boat party with Aquarius. And last but not least, whatever you plan to do at this party don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

Throw a Party at Haulover Sandbar

You rented a boat for a birthday party or a bachelorette, and you are thinking of throwing a sandbar party, but you are not sure where to go. As always, we are there to help you make the right choice and have a good time. One of the perfect places for a sandbar party is Haulover Sandbar. This is one of the top summertime destinations in Florida. Haulover Sandbar is an underwater sandbar that once was an island but sand drifts have eroded it over the years. The water is crystal clear, and it welcomes people of all ages. Haulover Sandbar is an excellent place for family parties, even for kids’ birthdays. Here you can enjoy floating restaurants and the Haulover Sandbar. Haulover Sandbar is a fantastic place where you can enjoy an awesome boat day in Miami and take some fantastic photos as a perfect souvenir.

Check Out Why Haulover Sandbar is So Famous

Miami Sandbar Cruises and Parties

Haulover Sandbar is a place that draws hundreds of people every weekend, making Haulover Sandbar a popular go-to destination. The water here is waist-deep, and this is a perfect place to rent a boat for a birthday party or any other important celebration. National holidays like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and President’s Day are all perfect occasions for Haulover sandbar partying. Here you can enjoy calm, clean water to play music and dance in the shallow water along with many other like-minded individuals. What makes this place unique is that it is only accessible by boat, so don’t hesitate to contact your favorite boat rental company because we will be happy to help you visit this fantastic place.

Why is renting a Sport Boat So Fun? Find Out for Yourself

A vessel with a large, flat deck mounted on two or more metal tubes is named a pontoon. These boats can be used as lounge areas, stand-up bars, or merely a place to catch the sun’s warm rays. Choosing a sport boat for a sandbar boat rental is the right choice first of all because you can go there faster and enjoy the ride.

How Much You Should Be Tipping Your Boat Captain

How Much You Should Be Tipping Your Boat Captain

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Charter a Boat With a Captain in Miami And Discover the Bay in Style

Renting a boat is a great idea if you want to enjoy some quality outdoor time, no matter if you are cruising, snorkeling, or simply sunbathing while you sail around with your boat charter in Miami. The warm wind, the sense of freedom, and creating lifetime memories with your loved ones can easily be achieved by a sailboat rental vacation all on its own, whether it’s as short as a 2-hour boat ride or an entire island-hopping day. But there are always some secret gems, hidden places, or simply familiarities with the area that allow you to maximize your experience on the boat. That is where a boat captain comes in.  Here is a proper introduction to the value of having a boat captain on board and what is customary tipping for a charter boat captain.

Renting a Boat with a Captain in Miami

Miami locals and tourists can benefit from renting a boat with a captain in Miami, and of course, the more guests there are the more important it is to be on a guided boat tour. Aquarius Boat Tours encourages you to seek a professional captain on all boating outings like hosting a boat party, sightseeing, or even for a wedding proposal. We are here talking about professional and licensed captains, and it’s important to make that distinction because it’s not always the case in Miami. Every boat owner can be viewed as a captain of his boat, but not all have the actual license issued by the US Coast Guards to be one. You can find out here whether it’s legal to drive a boat without a special captain license or not.

In 2020, for the safety of its clients and its boats, Aquarius decided that we won’t rent boats without a captain onboard anymore. Miami Bay is particularly dangerous.

What are the Responsibilities of a Boat Captain

The duties of a captain are to make sure to keep everyone safe. Boat charter captains are trained to maneuver the boat with strong currents and tricky areas, to follow all the safety rules, and to monitor the weather and safety reports to make sure the boat ride goes smoothly. Combine that with their knowledge of how to deal with all marine wildlife and operate safely at anchor along with first aid training and much more, to picture that having a captain on board is definitely something you should think about.

Meet Local Captains

But there is more. When you book a charter boat with a captain, the captain’s skills also include knowing the best places for sandbar partying, snorkeling, and dockside dining. Also, if asked, most can share a thrilling story or two to have insight on Miami history. Captains at Aquarius are locals (usually born and raised in Miami)  and real boat enthusiasts who will make you discover the best spots on the Bay.

So to give you a general idea, the duties of a boat charter captain are to make sure the boat ride goes as safe as possible through the combination of safety protocols, understanding of the local weather, knowledge of the area… Captains also supervise passengers as they embark and disembark from the boat.

Why You Should Tip Your Boat Captain

First things first, a tip is not mandatory. It’s always greatly appreciated but there is no obligation to tip your captain. A tip is a reward from the guest to the boat captain that usually reflects an appreciation for the level of service.

How Much You Should Be Tipping Your Boat Captain? The tipping etiquette can vary going from 5-20%, but there is a based line. The tip is given to the captain, in cash, Venmo, Zelle or CashApp, typically at the end of the trip but some clients prefer giving the tip at the beginning of the trip. In high season in Miami, and they have to work 6 days a week. Even when the captain owns the boat, most of the money goes to the maintenance of the boat and the expenses of owning a business.

Furthermore, as explained above, the tip is a good idea to show appreciation of the quality of service. Tipping Your Boat Captain depends on the quality of service you receive. Even inexperienced people can tell an average service from a really good one. People at Aquarius are devoted to ensuring their customers get the best possible service. Discover Aquarius’ Team here.

Boat Captain Tipping Etiquette

It is good to look into tipping customs in the specific country where you rent a boat with a captain. Also, while asking the crew members on tipping etiquette may create awkward situations, discussing it with the captain is perfectly fine. In fact, it is always a good idea to double-check the plan and expenses with the captain before the trip. And yes, it is a good opportunity to discuss the proper tipping etiquette. Usually, if the service was fine, people leave 5-10% of the whole price as a tip, but the more effort they put in and the better quality of service, the appropriate tip can go as high as 20%.

The Value Of Having A Boat Captain

Whether you rent a boat with a captain or just hire a captain, you will have a professional who can keep an eye on everyone and everything, help things run smoothly, and let you focus on the stuff that matters to you. Even a small crew can go a long way in making the best of your leisure cruise that can include snorkeling, fishing of even sandbar partying. And the extra cost is well worth it. Tipping, on the other hand, when done properly, is taken as a sign of your appreciation of the effort the captain and the crew took to make you enjoy your time together.

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