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The Best Tips for Docking a Boat, Miami

Access to a berth in the harbor can be achieved by going forward, backward, or by making a slot. This is called a docking manoeuvre.

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A boat does not turn when stopped and does not brake like a car. Depending on the type of boat, engine maneuvering is more or less complex.

Aquarius Boat Rental, the best boat rental company in Miami is proud to explain you today, how to safely dock a boat. In navigation, docking is a technique that must be mastered. Often the conditions are not ideal for this operation; for instance, you don’t know the location of the marina, you have rented a boat during the holidays, or you return to your place with rough weather conditions.

In any case, you must dock without damaging the boat.

Through these tips you will learn that the way you dock your boat highly depends on the type of boat you are piloting.

Most likely when you are renting a boat, it will be an inboard, inboard/outboard or an outboard. Sometimes, like with Aquarius Boat Rental you will have another drive type: the jet drive. Very smooth but a bit harder to dock. Thankfully, Aquarius Boat Rental Miami has equipped its Jet boat with a Cobra Jet Steering upgrade so the boat is very easy to maneuver.

Learn more about the different drive types for boats here.

But let’s get back to our docking:

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OutboardSailing BoatInboard

In all cases, a moderate arrival speed should be adopted and the manoeuvre should be completed over inertia.


You must check the wind direction(s) and its strength, and the same goes for the current. Next, observe the entry and exit of boats from all over the marina, and nearby breakdowns.Sailing boats can be easily spotted with their masts, motor boats can appear at any moment.

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Step 1: The slow approach to the centre of the desired square

When you approach the space on the dock where you wish to moor, you first assess the wind and current. If the wind and current are pushing you towards the pontoon, a small angle helps you stay in control and not hit the dock with the bow of the boat.

If the wind and current tend to push you away from the dock, you will need a faster approach to maintain sufficient speed. You start with an angle of 30 to 45°. Steer your course toward the center of your landing area.

Step 2: Starboard rudder, forward engine

When your bow is close to the pontoon, half a boat’s length away, you turn the rudder to starboard (away from the dock). This is where getting to know your boat becomes important, especially when it comes to pivots. If you turn too early, you will not be parallel to the dock. Once the rudder is turned, you accelerate the engine for a moment to give the boat a boost. This also allows you to move the front of the dock away from the dock (to starboard) so that you don’t touch it.

Step 3: Port rudder, stern engine

As the boat slides towards the pontoon, you turn the rudder to port and reverse the engine (on twin engines, you use the engine furthest from the pontoon for maximum effect). This reduces your speed and brings the stern of the boat closer to the dock on the port side. When the boat has stopped moving, you put it in neutral. You tie your boat to the pontoon.

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If you have little space between two other boats, you present the bow on the pontoon in the middle of the square at an angle of 30°. A crew member puts bumpers on the bow while you hold the bow along the dock and the crew member disembarks with a mooring line which, attached to a cleat at the front of the boat, is attached to the pontoon cleat at the middle of the boat. You make a slow forward step. The bow guard turns the stern towards the pontoon, you put the stern guard in place to prevent him from moving away from the pontoon afterwards the two spikes.


  1. Stay focused.
  2. Be prepared to reduce or cut the throttle if the boat is moving too fast or to re-apply the throttle if the boat is no longer manoeuvrable (sailboat and inboard).
  3. Keep a close eye on the movements of other boats to possibly put the manoeuvre on standby and make circles in the meantime, or give a clear indication of the new direction if there is a risk of collision.
  4. Always keep an eye on other people on board.

With all these tips, you are ready to safely dock your boat!

Remember when you are renting a boat in Miami to always proceed with caution and if you are scared, feel free to consult our article about the best tips when renting a boat in Miami.

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What is the best boat rental company in Miami? – Miami, FL

Find the best boat rental company in Miami

The boat rental market in Miami is highly competitive, therefore it can be hectic to navigate through all these offers and understand how to make the most for your buck.

What Is The Best Boat Rental Company In Miami?

First things first, when you are browsing for the best boat rental company in Miami, you have to consider different parameters:

1- Is the gas included?

2- Are there any hidden fees?

3- Is the company legit and insured?

4- How big is the boat? And what size am I comfortable driving?

5- How many people are allowed on board?

6- Is the experience private?

7- What are the add-ons and does it come with a captain?

We have studied the competition, visited many places and here are in our opinion the three best boat rentals you can decide to place your faith in.


Coconut Grove now Miami Beach

The customer service is good and the location is great. The company has a large variety of boats to rent from 18 to 28 ft.

They offer deals on Groupon and have positive reviews on Trip Advisor.

They also provide Yacht Rental and seem to be very acknowledgeable.



Aquajet Miami was the first company to introduce the jetpack and the flyboard in Miami. Always at the cutting-edge, Aquajet Miami has well-evolved and now offers boat tours and boat parties on their giant pontoon boat.

Prices are great and the staff delivers five-star customer service. Their boat tours are well-designed and provided by a nice team of people who really love what they are doing.

Plus, there are no hidden fees and everything is pretty upfront.

Bonus: they offer one of the most thrilling experiences you can have: Flyboarding! Give it a try before you leave Miami!



Aquarius Boat Rental Miami is definitely the best boat rental company in Miami. Aquarius Boat Rental is a rising star company for boat rental in Miami.

All their rentals include gas so you don’t have to worry about going to the pump at the end of your boat day in Miami.

You will never have bad surprises when renting a boat with Aquarius Boat Rental Miami. As a matter of fact, everything is explained upfront and disclosed in their contract. Aquarius Boat Rental Miami offers only private experiences so you can enjoy your boat day with your loved ones only.

Their prices are very low and it makes the whole experience super affordable. Aquarius Boat Rental Miami even offers boat memberships and boat clubs. It’s like owning a boat with no inconvenience! The company offers different pickup locations so you don’t have to drive all around the city. Plus they can pick you up from your designated private dock.

Finally, their boats are in outstanding condition and the team is very friendly. They always recommend good spots to anchor and party. This company is really to consider if you are looking for a boat to rent in Miami for the day or per hour.

Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental Miami enjoy sharing their knowledge and the best tips to rent a boat in Miami.

They are currently open for business but only bareboat rental avid Covid-19.

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In Summary, when you are trying to figure out what is the best boat rental company in Miami, the answer is easy! Contact Aquarius Boat Tours and Rentals for the best worry-free tours and rentals with a captain in Miami, Florida.

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How To Operate A Boat Without A License - Miami, Florida

How to Operate a Boat without a License – Miami, Florida

Operate a Boat without a License – Miami, Florida

How To Operate A Boat Without A License - Miami, Florida

Learning to operate a boat without a license: a theoretical introduction to driving a motorboat in Miami, Florida.

Boat Rental Instructions by Aquarius Boat Rental Miami, the best company to rent a boat in Miami and Miami Beach.

For all those who are considering renting a boat in Miami with a license but do not know how to navigate on their own and have never driven a boat before, Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental Miami provides very useful advice to learn the basics of navigation that will allow you to set out to sea in complete safety.

Who needs to learn how to operate a boat without a license?

You ask yourself questions such as:

  • can you operate a boat without a license or are you allowed to rent a boat without a license in Miami?
  • how to pilot a boat without a license on Miami waters, how to drive a boat without a license, or how to navigate a boat without a license?

Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental, 1st boat rental company in South Florida in the motor category and bareboat rental, offers you to learn the essential notions that will allow you to move safely in your navigation area.

Your first steps as skipper for a day start now because at the end of this article you will know how to pilot our boats in Miami Biscayne Bay but also everywhere else in the world if you have chosen another body of water.

Are you afraid of renting a motorboat without a license? Rest assured, Aquarius Boat Rental Miami has thought of everything!

First of all, you should know the boats at your disposal have been designed to be rented to beginners and amateurs, they are easily maneuverable, have adapted equipment so that they can be piloted by non-experienced boaters.

Onboard, the safety equipment and navigational aids are inside the storage compartment on the left of the driver seat (in addition to the legal safety equipment, you will find a waterproof map & boats are equipped with GPS trackers). Before taking the wheel of our boats, a boat instructor will explain to you what will be detailed below in about 30 minutes and help you in your first maneuvers. We won’t let you go at sea without being sure that you are comfortable piloting.

Read carefully what follows and follow our boat driving tips when you take over!

The basics of sailing a boat in Miami with no license: here we go!

  1. Check-list of onboard equipment and use.

This is the first step at the start of the charter. We go through the boat’s equipment, whether safety equipment (life jackets, etc.), navigational aids (map), or steering equipment (throttle, steering wheel, depth finder).

2. Navigation and anchorage advice.

Ashore, the Aquarius Boat Rental Miami crew member will give you very useful advice to make your boating day easy and safe. Then we take you on board and really show you the basic maneuvers (ignition, switching off, how to use the swim ladder, the anchor, and the depth finder). The wheel and the joystick are yours, in a few minutes of practice you will know how to navigate with our boats.

3. Sailing courses.

You don’t need a boat driving course to rent one of our boats, but people with a boating license and other nautical and maritime qualifications are of course welcome. Please remember that if you are born after January 1st 1988, you will have to get a boating license.

Get your boating license for free here

In conclusion, Learning how to how to operate a boat without a license in Miami, Florida with Aquarius Boat Tours and Rental Miami is easy and accessible to the greatest number of people! A guide recalling all the manipulations is on board (available in our boats). The marked circuit is shown on the map as well as the depth in the Bay so you can avoid the shallow waters!

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