Best Miami Boat Rentals For Social Gatherings. Luxury Giant Boat Rentals.

4 Best Miami Boat Rentals for Social Outings

Looking for the perfect way to spend your next social outing? Having the best Miami boat rentals, Aquarius offers the perfect solution for enjoying a social gathering with some fresh air and sunshine!

Miami has many options when it comes to renting boats no matter the size of your group. Whether you're planning an intimate outing or a large gathering, there are plenty of boat rental opportunities that provide hours of fun on the water at Aquarius Boat Rental.

Here we’ll go over four top choices that will make your next social outing unforgettable! First though, a little about Aquarius.

How Aquarius Boat Rental Has Been Keeping Miami Afloat!

Aquarius Boat Rental in Miami, FL has been providing the best Miami boat rentals and services since 2017, quickly becoming one of the best boat rental companies in Miami.

Keeping the Miami community afloat, Aquarius is proud to continuously provide excellent customer boating experiences for over 6 years now! Whether you’re looking for a romantic night spent kayaking along Biscayne Bay or an adventurous day filled with boating, paddleboards, and jet skis, Aquarius Boat Rentals ensures you will have an unforgettable time on the water.

With five-star customer service, luxurious vessels, and unbeatable prices it’s no wonder why Aquarius Boat Rental is known as the best boat rental company in all of Miami. Now, let's talk boats!

Fun Boats: Perfect for Gathering Friends

If you're looking to rent a boat in Miami, Aquarius Boat Rental has just the thing for you and your friends, the Fun Boat!

Perfect for groups of 1-6 people, a Fun Boat Rental provides a fun, unforgettable experience! With this boat rental package, you can set sail to fun spots, experience a Miami sandbar boat party, or take a Miami boat tour through celebrity homes. This rentable boat caters to both socializing and sightseeing with modern comforts including plush wrap-around seating, an onboard bathroom, and a misting shower.

Leave your worries ashore and let Aquarius Boat Rental provide your group with an amazing day out at sea!

Best Miami Boat Tours And Rentals For Social Gatherings. Fun Boat Rentals.
Best Miami Boat Tours and Rentals for Social Gatherings. Fun Boat Rentals.

Miami Boats: Great for a Romantic Evening in Miami Beach

Aquarius Boat Rental offers affordable Miami boat rentals in Florida, perfect for a romantic evening out!

The best thing about renting a Miami boat from Aquarius is that the boat comes with just enough room to comfortably accommodate 1-6 people depending on your party size, making it ideal for couples looking for an intimate experience away from the bustling city of South Beach.

With experienced captains, you can settle into one of many luxurious boat charters and take in the sights and sounds of the city skyline or feel like a millionaire as you glide along in your own personal yacht rental.

Best Miami Boats For Rent For Social Gatherings In Miami!
Best Miami Boats for rent for Social Gatherings in Miami!

Giant Boats for Larger Groups.

For a truly unforgettable experience, large groups of up to 9 people should consider Aquarius' Giant Boat charter in Miami.

This luxurious yacht offers plenty of room for a trip boating Millionaire Row, with all the modern amenities you’d expect from a luxury boat rental. It features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and complete air-conditioning with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. Plus, it's surprisingly affordable for being such an impressive vessel!

If you're looking to set sail on one of Miami's best yacht rentals at an unbeatable rate, then look no further than Aquarius' Giant Boat Charter.

Best Miami Boat Rentals For Social Gatherings. Giant Boat Rentals.
Best Miami Boat Rentals for Social Gatherings. Giant Boat Rentals.

Luxury Giant Boats: The Ultimate Boating Experience!

If you're looking for the best Miami boat rentals, look no further than Aquarius' Luxury Giant Boat!

This incredible yacht rental in Miami Beach is perfect for large groups, having a capacity for up to 10 passengers! Our Luxury Giant Boat offers its occupants every comfort imaginable with exquisite leather seating, premium hi-fi audio entertainment, and plenty of space to spread out and relax.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and responsible service, so you can make the most of your time on the water with peace of mind. For the best Miami boat rentals, make sure you choose Aquarius Boat Rentals!

Best Miami Boat Rentals For Social Gatherings. Luxury Giant Boat Rentals.
Best Miami Boat Rentals for Social Gatherings. Luxury Giant Boat Rentals.

Charter Boat Tipping Etiquette.

Knowing charter boat tipping etiquette and how much to tip a captain can be tricky. After all, charter boat experiences are often seen as one-of-a-kind and special getaways for family or friends.

When it comes to charter boat tipping etiquette there is no set amount that you have to give, however, a customary tip for a boat captain is between 15-20% of the charter's total cost depending on the experience and service.

If a charter was particularly excellent, or there was an extra effort from the charter crew, customers should consider tipping beyond the 20%. Gratuity should also be considered for the host or deckhand if they were over and above helpful throughout the charter voyage.

Keep in mind that following charter boat tipping etiquette is just a way of thanking your captain and crew for providing a great adventure!

Book Your Next Social Outing Today!

With so many fun activities at a great price point, you can’t go wrong booking a boat rental from Aquarius Boat Rental for your next social gathering. Whether you prefer something simple like an affordable Miami Boat or something more luxurious like the Giant Boat or Luxury Giant Boats they offer, Aquarius Boat Rentals has something to fit your needs!

If you’re looking for an afternoon of adventure and relaxation, book a boat charter online with Aquarius Boat Rental today!

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